with Ri Vinogradova


Composed by Aleksandr Smirnov and Ri Vinogradova

Release date — 12 Oct 2019

Track listing:

a. Eden

b. Death is...

c. Devil

d. Sin

The following people contributed to the album:

Aleksandr Smirnov — guitars, keys, fx, lyrics

Ri Vinogradova — vocals

Thomas Pridgen — drums (b, d)

Nick Sollecito — bass (b, d)

Oleg Izotov — guitar solo (b)

Mike Watts — mixing and mentoring

Additional thanks to:

Jesse Strauss from Paxtone Studios for tracking drums

Alexey Iskrov from Ananas Records for tracking vocals and merciful environment

Bogdana Menger-Molodovskaya for pictures and graphic design